“If we can get an 80 million ton iceberg and can harvest 70% of

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cheap bikinis And the $130m iceberg project now has an investor. This would “trigger” the investment and get the project underway.He would need to “capture” the iceberg in the southern ocean in December and tow it back to South Africa.Sloane told News24 that the estimated cost of the iceberg water would be between R28 to R35 a kilolitre, or 2.8c to 3.5c a litre.He said this was less than the cost of water from a short term desalination project, which he said cost between R52 to R57 a kilolitre.”If we can get an 80 million ton iceberg and can harvest 70% of it, then we will get 150 million litres a day for a full year,” he said.Last week, Sloane held a meeting of scientists, engineers, academics and some government officials to explain the proposal, with a follow up meeting on Tuesday.’We will consider all different ideas for water'”After our initial introduction, we asked people what chance they thought we had of success, and they said less than one percent.”By the end of the presentation, they had changed to say between 70% or 90% chance of success. The more they heard, the more credibility they gave the proposal,” Sloane said.A major reason for the change of view was that the Swiss company Water Vision had come on board as an investor provided there was a buyer for the water.Water Vision says on its website that it believes drinking water would become the “core of the new economic realities in the next five to 10 years” cheap bikinis.