Sophia is the PERFECT example

Q17) Years ago, Dynamis was revitalized to cater to a shrinking community. Relic weapons became a realistic goal for most players who couldn afford a 1 2 year time sink. Unfortunately, the process to complete Empyrean and Mythic weapons still feels unbalanced and unfair to achieve without extreme grinding.

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canada goose So from the way people complain about thee show and how great they say the books are instead of giving myself the short term gratification of watching the last season, I should just look at the long term and forget about the series until the new books come out as I always planned on reading them. I intend to watch the final season.the moment GoT is a global phenomenon, so even if I didn watch the final season, most of the ending will be spoiled anyway, by friends in conversation and by mentions of it by comedians and other media.Also, GRRM is 70 years old, and hasn released a book in the series in eight years and there are at least two more books needed to finish the series. It is just as likely as not that the series will never be finished canada goose.