You even have three people who appear to not be switching to

Payments made in the 20th century as reparations for damage to the Bikini Atoll and the islanders’ way of life have elevated their income relative to other Marshall Island residents. It has caused some Bikini islanders to become economically dependent on the payments from the trust fund. This dependency has eroded individuals’ interest in traditional economic pursuits like taro and copra production.

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dresses sale The self buff is the most important part of the skill by a mile, and I generally think positioning based skills are very weak on defense teams even with two range. You also can run Tactics on full Armor which is very relevant at the upper echelons.Panic Ploy exists but HP is a very popular IV post refinement and I think that will end up burning more players than not. Bold Fighter LA!Hector has 50 HP (54 at +10) and happily dumps Spd, and many common f2p core units with high HP will miss hitting him with Ploy.I think the team buff aspect is worthy of comparison to Tactics for player controlled teams (Tactics better for strictly buffing on mixed) but I think this skill will be far more impactful for defense, since it very powerful even if you correctly separate their team. dresses sale

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swimwear sale You may even have to yell at specific people who are doing AoE to pad their DPS meters. You even have three people who appear to not be switching to the Elementalists at all, though I not sure if maybe.edit: By the way, when I said “it not your gear,” I didn mean “you have enough DPS.” You have the gear, some (actually, most) people in your raid are not playing their classes correctly and are massively underperforming.Wait beach dresses, just wait for the second set of fire callers and the next shield guy (we have 1 tank hold them near where they spawn to prevent shields from going on the firecallers)If you try to go straight to the next elementalist, you are just going to feel out of control and behind the whole fight.Clean up 2nd set of firecallers and shield guyTake next slag in and kill ele 2 Second potions hereClean up adds, check to see if more will spawn soon (this is on your RL or a trustworthy dps that can watch timers). If more will spawn, just wait on them and clean them up before doing ele 3.It is really rinse and repeat from herekill ele 3 with 3 min CDsWe used lust on ele 4, it helps you clean everything up after it is deadWe assigned 1/3 of our dps to focus the shield guys in p2 (hunters and warlocks for us) swimwear sale.